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BPO American Blog

How Effective Is Your Inbound Call Center? 

Ken Wills | 17 January, 2018 | Inbound Call Center
Inbound Call Center Services at BPO American

If you have a business with an inbound call center, or if you manage one, your goal is to provide your customers with the best service and experience possible.  That means following best practices, providing outstanding training to your call center reps, and continually monitoring the effectiveness (and efficiency) of the call center service you provide.

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5 Ways an E-Commerce Inbound Call Center Delivers Higher Customer Satisfaction

If you operate an e-commerce business, then you have the potential for a booming business. According to the statistics, "51 % of Americans prefer to shop online." In fact, almost every American has shopped online at least once in the past year. That is good news for your business. However, it's also good news for every other e-commerce competitor you have. You will need to ensure your business is up to speed in order to edge out the competition and win the sales. That's why it's important to have a superior customer satisfaction strategy. Customer service is king when it comes to just about any business and especially so with e-commerce. An e-commerce business relies heavily on its customer service experience since that is primarily how customers interact with your company. So, just how can you achieve higher customer satisfaction in the e-commerce business? Here are 5 ways an e-commerce inbound call center like BPO American will benefit your business.

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10 Tangible Benefits an Inbound Call Center can offer a Business

Ken Wills | 4 January, 2018 | Inbound Call Center
Inbound Call Center Benefits | BPO American

If you own or manage a business you likely know the difference between "features" and "benefits."  While features are nothing more than a description of what a product or service is, benefits have a direct impact on the success of your company. In the spirit of improving the success of your company, let's look at 10 actual, tangible benefits of an inbound call center like BPO American

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5 Ways Overflow Call Centers Enhance Your Medical Practice

Ken Wills | 27 December, 2017 | Call Center Services
Overflow Call Center Services for Medical Practices | BPO American

Medical Practice Administrators have many roles keeping up with the responsibilities of a busy Physician's office. Between data entry, filing patient information, handling insurance paperwork, and the steady stream of incoming calls, Practice Managers never see a dull moment.  An important aspect of managing a medical practice is ensuring all patient needs are met. Telephone calls are one of the most important parts of effective office management. However, it's not always possible to answer the phones right away with balancing the other office duties. That's why having overflow call center services is not just crucial to your practice but it's a much needed relief as well. Here are 5 ways  overflow call center services can enhance your Medical Practice.

Establishes your office as a leader in customer care

Having a call center means your patients are always greeted by a friendly human. No answering machine or voicemail to frustrate a patient in need. When patients call and always reach a live person, it speaks volumes about your degree of customer care. 


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Don't Let a Missed Call be a Missed Opportunity

Ken Wills | 18 December, 2017 | Call Center Services
BPO American | US Based Call Center

Every business owner is in business to make money. No one puts their heart, mind, energy, and money into a project just to have it fail or lose money. If you're an entrepreneur, then you want to make all the money you're capable of making. You don't want to let anything slide. That's why it's so important to capitalize on every opportunity, every chance at success. New opportunities are just one step away from a successful business deal. There are several ways businesses may gain or lose an opportunity. Some are preventable, some aren't. One thing is sure – anytime a customer slips through the cracks, it is a lost opportunity, which means lost money. Let's trace how that can happen.

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Ring in the New Year With Instant Answering Services

Ken Wills | 5 December, 2017 | Instant Answering Services

With the winter holidays fast approaching and the new year just over the horizon, it’s time to consider the impact signing up for Instant Answering Services could have on your business. Having live operators available 24/7 to catch after hours, holiday and overflow calls means you can spend this holiday season secure in the knowledge that your business is being cared for.

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5 Common Mistakes In-house Call Centers Make (and Why You Should Consider Outsourcing)

Ken Wills | 28 November, 2017 | Call Center Services
BPO American US Based Call Center

Last year, a customer of Comcast in Philadelphia wanted to cancel his service—the in-house call center rep put him on hold for more than 3 hours.  Another customer, also attempting to cancel his Comcast Service, encountered a call center rep who insulted and argued with him, demanding he provide "a better reason" for wanting to end his subscription.

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Why Our Clients Are Thankful We’re Based in the U.S.A!

Ken Wills | 20 November, 2017 | Call Center Services
BPO Thanksgiving.png

At BPO American, our customers are thankful for our superior customer service solutions, and also that we’re based in the United States.

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6 Ways That a 24/7 Instant Answering Service Can Help Your Small Business Prosper

Ken Wills | 14 November, 2017 | Instant Answerig Service
24/7 Instant Answering Services | BPO American

Small businesses face a variety of challenges that can impede their success. Companies in their infancy do not always have the resources to ensure that every customer who calls receives a prompt professional response. Fortunately, using a 24/7 instant answering service is an excellent way to enhance a customer's experience with your company. Below are six ways that a 24/7 instant answering service will help your small business prosper.

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The Top 10 Ways a Live Answering Service Can Improve Your Business

Ken Wills | 7 November, 2017 | Instant Answering Services
BPO American Instant Answering Services

Your company's growth is directly related to your ability to respond to your customers' needs. One of the best ways to promote growth is to ensure that your phone system enables customers to quickly and clearly communicate their needs to your company. Below are the top 10 ways a live answering service can improve your business. 

1) Speaking with a live person helps to foster trust. Establishing trust with customers is challenging when customers receive an automated message upon contacting your company. Conversely, when customers hear a live voice on the other end of the line, they are more likely to develop confidence in your company's ability to meet their needs.

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