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BPO American Vision

The BPO American vision is driven by our people, procedures, and prevailing technology. With people who take responsibility and procedures that are effective and efficient, combined with innovative, proprietary, communication-based technology, we strive to be recognized nationally as the first choice of companies who demand a positive, professional, and productive customer-service experience.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide—at every contact point—a full suite of customer communication services. Ensuring a genuine experience, coupled with quantifiable satisfaction, each touch will be handled by someone who was rigorously recruited, trained, and subject to managerial oversight. On-going technological advancements enhance the personal touch.

Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team. – John C. Maxwell

Our History

When We Started:

BPO American got its start in 2001 after our founder started an internal call center for a regional staffing firm. The purpose of the call center was to set appointments for outside sales representatives who were struggling setting their own appointments. This venture proved to be very successful and other clients inquired about how they could also have calls made on their behalf. The staffing firm was sold in 2001 and our founder decided to branch out and go full time in the call center business. The rest as they say is history.

Who we are:

Based in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, BPO American is a US operated company. Our entire staff has met our most discriminating team criteria. Each are friendly, professional, courteous, respectful, and ready to learn. BPO American began as the answer to a problem. Sales reps struggled with setting appointments. Our founder started an internal call center for a regional staffing firm. The venture proved successful. When the staffing firm was sold in 2001, we went full time into call center business.


What we do.

BPO American’s only business is providing premier contact center services via phone, web chat, e-mail response, and text messaging. Geared to meet your goals, we offer sales programs as well as dispatchers, informers, and consolers. 


BPO American

How we do it.

We are able to integrate inbound and outbound calls with e-mail and chat response, all under one communication technology thanks to BPO American’s strategic partnerships This innovation allows us to be more efficient, resulting in higher quality interactions while maintaining reasonable fees.

Our data is backed up off site as well as encrypted to meet PCI compliance standards. We provide regular network scanning to identify and combat vulnerabilities. Data delivery as well as credit card submissions are encrypted to prevent ID theft. Personnel policies, closed circuit monitoring, and USB device blockers are employed to maximize customer privacy.

Disaster recovery is vital. Redundancy is built into every system. Telephones have an identical cloud based backup server. Power (which has remained uninterrupted for ten years) is bolstered by a series of industrial grade deep cycle batteries capable of running essential servers for extended periods of time. We employ multiple data sources over separate carriers.


Why we do it.

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Exceptional customer service is the first step to customer loyalty. BPO American believes this journey begins with the very first call. Our value proposition of service excellence, multiple communication offerings, and total accountability to every call is not only more dynamic but is also far more potent in reducing your costs of lost opportunity