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Web Chat and E-Mail

Communication in 2017 is changing rapidly.  BPO American provides the latest technical solutions for your company to interact with your clients’ prospects and convert them into customers.  Whether you choose phone calls, texts, Web chat or email, we  provide live agents behind the scenes to help you.

Turn prospects into customers through our Web Chat and Email Management

BPO American helps you outshine the competition by providing technologically advanced Web Chat and Email services that helps convert and retain customers who would otherwise abandon your website due to lack of adequate help.

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How does it work?


A unique URL is embedded in an image on your webpage.


Prospect initiates engagement through online Chat Form.


The BPO agent responds with a friendly (pre-developed or customizable) response.


The team member continues with an easy dialogue to answer a question or solve a technical issue.

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Instant Live Chat for website visitors

Our live chat agents provide personable one-on-one support for all your website visitors, We help them navigate your website, answer their questions, confirm orders, provide technical support, solve billing issues, give status updates and provide solutions for any other concerns. Our accommodating web chat agents enhance your reputation by demonstrating that you’re committed to providing them superior service in a super-fast, wait-free manner. We help your business reap more profits by instilling trust in first-time customers and prospects, while bolstering the loyalty of current customers.

Superior Email Management

Email is one of the most preferred methods of reaching out to businesses, and consumers count on a fast reply to their email messages. That’s why we pride ourselves on our expert email management for businesses large and small. We promptly and thoughtfully respond to your current and future customer’s emails, which helps to nurture leads, retain current customers, and secure new ones.

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